Getting Rid of Junk For Holiday Season

Clean House

It’s holiday season and you know what time that is, time for social gatherings such as parties, barbeques or even large dinners. But nobody wants guests at their house with junk all over the place. That means you need to clean up the garage, basement or anywhere else you store your junk. Here are a few tips for cleaning up your house and getting it presentable for your guests:

  • Cleaning The Garage– A lot of people tend to use their garage as storage space. People store old boxes, furniture or even broken lawn equipment in their garage. I’m not going to lie, I need to clean out my garage as well. For some strange reason, I tend to have two lawn mowers down there and a few other larger items that need to be thrown out. One of the lawn mowers hasn’t worked in years. The good news is I’m doing a garage clean out this weekend! Once the garage is clean, it shows a good impression on your guests.
  • Cleaning The Basement– Cleaning the basement is a great idea so you can have a big area for people to “hang out” in. We noticed out of all the basement clean outs we’ve done, people store an outrageous amount of junk that needs to be thrown out. Some customers use their basements as a huge closet with old clothes while others use it to store old boxes that they should have disposed a long time ago. Setting up a nice lounging area in the basement will leave your guests with a little more space to socialize.
  • Removing Old Furniture– Nobody likes to see old beat up furniture and nobody wants to sit on a couch that is torn up or smells like your dog or cat. Having furniture removal done by a junk removal company with a great reputation like us will solve this problem. We can remove any old sofas, tables or anything else that needs to be out! Having presentable furniture is how your guests will keep coming back to all your social events.

If you follow by those three simple tips, your home will be the place where all your friends will want to come. It’s always good to leave your friends and family a great impression on your living conditions!

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