Saving Reptiles While Removing Junk

While we do many junk removal jobs everyday we also come in contact with some reptiles and amphibians. We don’t get surprised anymore when we see strange creatures come out of a pile of wood or any other pile of debris. But what we do get a little surprised about is when we see large snakes or turtles because we don’t come by those too often in normal day life.

1. Snake & Frog

The picture to the left labeled number 1 shows Corey with a baby garter snake and a small frog, but what you don’t see in the picture is a blue tailed lizard. These small creatures were found in the back of our truck after recycling 65 bags of aluminum cans. We saved all the animals and safely put them in the nearest woods around the recycling facility.

A few weeks ago we were leaving a job in Marietta and as we were pulling out of the neighborhood we noticed a turtle in the middle of the road waiting to get ran over. Corey made sure no cars were around and quickly jumped out of the truck and rescued the little guy. We had no idea where he came from because there were no lakes in the neighborhood so we drove to the nearest pond and let him go free near the water. We were happy that we knew he was safe and wouldn’t get ran over on our watch!

Corey and the Turtle.

While removing junk from residential areas, we have saved four turtles in the past two months. Our crews have a big heart for wild life, when we see a turtle or something of that nature in the middle of the road, we can’t just move on without doing anything about it. Not only does Advance Junk Removal save the day while removing junk, but we also save the day by saving animals!

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