Smyrna Junk Removal

Smyrna Junk Removal

Smyrna is a city located in Cobb County Georgia. This wonderful city has a population of over 50 thousand people. Our team is proud to announce that we service all 50 thousand people located in the area.

Advance Junk Removal is the peoples number one choice for your hauling needs. Our company gets rid of anything from furniture and appliances to construction and yard debris without you having to lift a finger. We are unique with our excellent customer service and affordable pricing.

We will send a two men crew to your property and all you have to do is point to the junk and we will take it from there!

Here’s a quick story on a local resident… Recently our team was sent out to a customer in the area to clean up some yard waste and some other household items. When we arrived, all the stuff was piled up in the front of the house. We were able to easily back up to it and started the loading process. First we threw all the brush and sticks in the back of the truck then we went for the other stuff to weigh it down. We chose this method to save the customer more space so they wouldn’t be paying for a full load. They ended up having about a half load of stuff and they paid us via credit card. We sent her an awesome postcard we made ourselves to thank her for her business. We love to taking care of our customers and sending them little postcards after a job… Watch out for the postcards that have coupons attached to them!

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