How To Stay Safe With Junk

Junk Debris Removal

Junk Debris Removal

When you have junk scattered around the house or even outside of the house in the backyard or front, it can be a safety hazard for a few different reasons. When your junk is outside and has been sitting out there for awhile it can generate bad bacteria and germs. The same can happen when your junk is inside and not getting the proper cleaning attention. Here we will go over a few safety tips on staying clean with junk around your home.

  • Always Wash Your Hands: When your handling junk outside, of course it will have germs on it that you don’t want to spread around your house and get people sick. You can keep colds away with simply washing your hands when handling items that are infected with bad bacteria. Make sure you have your kids wash their hands when they play in a clean area so you can always keep the area germ free. When you wash your hands, use warm water and rub your hands good with soap for about 30 seconds. Always dry your hands with a clean towel.
  • Get Rid of Scattered Junk: If you do have scattered junk around the outside of your property, you should move it all in one pile. Having one pile of junk is better than having junky germs all across your yard. Also, call a junk removal company as soon as possible to get rid of the junk out of your yard!
  • Clean Your Old Furniture/Appliances: Even though you have broken old appliances or furniture that you are ready to junk out, keep those items clean also if they are in your home. Items that are not cleaned often absorb dust and get dirty. Wipe them down with a wash cloth to get rid of the dust build up. Once you are ready to throw them out, give us a call and we will come remove them from you anytime!

After reading the above tips, you should know by now it’s better to stay clean than dirty. Attracting germs in your living area will get you and your family sick. Have fun and stay germ free!

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