Storage Room Clean Out in Atlanta

Last week we had a call from a new customer who was referred by another past customer who used us multiple times. He gave our number to Linda because she needed to clear out some junk in her storage rooms in their house. We scheduled the job for Saturday morning and arrived there at 8 o’clock.

The house was located in a beautiful subdivision in Atlanta. When we pulled up to the house, we backed the truck up to the garage door and knocked on the door. Linda was the person who greeted us and she showed our crew where all her junk was located. It was in 4 separate storage areas in the upstairs of her home. We went through everything and put all the stuff that is going with us on one side so we wouldn’t make any mistakes by taking some stuff she wanted to keep.

There was all sorts of stuff from furniture to cool pictures to old clothes that they didn’t want anymore. The crew knew after looking at all the “junk” that almost all of it was going to be donated. The crew started with the big furniture pieces first so they could load them in the back of the truck. Then they went for the boxes after they were done with the bulkier items. After that stuff was in, they basically grabbed all the other miscellaneous stuff and organized it well into the truck. The bagged up clothes was the last thing they put in the truck so they could easily grab it out for the donation center.

Every single thing that was hauled off from that job went to the local Good Will located right around the corner from her house. The only thing that stayed with us was the empty cardboard boxes because everything inside of them got donated.

Linda was very happy with our performance so she went ahead and booked another appointment with us to haul away stuff out of her basement. She estimates a few more trips because she has a lot of stuff from 20+ years of living there. It’s good to know that she will have more items donated next time as well!

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