Storage Unit Clean Out Atlanta

Storage Unit Clean Out
Storage Unit Clean Out

Junky Junk

Most people with a storage unit have a lot of junk in it and they don’t know what to do with it. That’s why we are here! Advance Junk Removal is a company that removes junk anywhere. You call us, schedule us, and we come out within a timely manner and clean out your storage unit.

Advance Junk Removal is a well known company located in Marietta, GA. We work all in Atlanta and the metro areas. We specialize in storage unit clean outs and also any other clean out. We are proud to say that we are most affordable than the other companies located in Atlanta or the metro area. We have a strong reputation of having top notch customer service.

Our recent clean out at a unit involved us hauling away everything in there. Our customer was paying a monthly rental fee for no reason. He finally did an online search and found our company. He read our excellent reviews and decided to give us a call. We booked him in the very next morning. His unit was filled with furniture that we took all do the local Goodwill. Once he found out we donated, he was very happy!

If you want the same experience he got, let us know today so we can happily serve you!

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