Swing Set Removal in Atlanta

Swing Set Removal Atlanta
Swing Set Removal Atlanta

Swing Set Demo and Removal

We had a customer call us and asked if we would be able to take down a swing set and remove it. The answer was yes, we do this kind of stuff all the time!

When we arrived at the property, we walked to the backyard and noticed this giant thing sitting there collecting dust because her kids don’t use it anymore. She told us they installed it about 15 years ago and her kids are all grown up now and she needed it gone so they can start a new project.

Our guys went to the truck to grab the appropriate tools to manage this big thing. First step was to take down the wooden bar that hangs the swings. We used a sawzall to cut that part off the main area. Once we got that off, we cut it into two pieces so we can easily pick it up and move it to the truck. The next step we did was cutting the legs in a certain way so we can push over the building. Once the building was on its side on the ground, we took the sawzall and cut it into multiple pieces.

After the swing set was all cut up, we moved all the pieces of wood into the back of the truck and cleaned up. We finished the job in less than 45 minutes. After notifying our customer that we were done, she noticed we still had room in our truck. She asked us if we could remove a few boxes from her garage which was no problem at all. In the end, she was very happy that she can now start her new project with her new space in her backyard!

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