Tips for Going Green


As we all know, Advance Junk Removal is a green company. This means we do things such as recycle and donate the things we can, but there are other ways to go green in our daily lives. Here are a few ways to go green:

  • Transportation: Everyone uses transportation almost on a daily basis. This could either mean driving to work or walking to a friends house, we all need to get around somehow. But if you are going to the same place as a co-worker or friend, why not carpool and take one car? This is a nice step to save air pollution. Also, you should check your tires more often in your vehicle. When one or more tires or low, believe or not, your car works harder which uses more gas.
  • Electricity: Everyone uses electricity every single day whether it’s a computer or a TV. We recommend people to switch their electricity to a green source. Switching your energy to solar for an example is a great way to reduce your Carbon Footprint. Also, using less electricity is great for the environment. For an example, you can air dry your clothes instead of using the dryer which uses a lot of power, or maybe even switching your light bulbs in your home to the energy saving bulbs. Either way, you will be saving more energy!
  • Saving The Trees: Our last topic I will be writing about is saving the trees. Millions of trees are cut down to only send junk mail every year. There is not too much action we can do about that but we can save paper ourselves. Try paying all of your bills online, these days most people have an internet connection and are computer friendly so why not give it a shot! When our company gets any paper or cardboard from a hauling job, we send it straight to the recycling facility so it can be used again.

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