Tire Removal in Atlanta

Tire Removal

Tire Removal

Advance Junk Removal received a phone call to the office Monday from a customer named Gene. Gene went on to tell us that he had a problem at one of his homes in Atlanta he manages for rental. The problem was that somebody illegally dumped A LOT of tires in the backyard of this vacant house and he needed them removed so he can go ahead and get this house ready to put up on the market. We put Gene down on the Tuesday’s schedule book to get this problem solved.

Jarrett and Corey were the lucky ones to get dispatched Tuesday to remove the tires. When they arrived at the location, they noticed it was way more tires then expected. To get the job done fast, CEO Cameron went to the location to give them an extra hand.

The tires were obviously there for a long time because some of them were almost completely under ground. But that’s okay! We have tools for this kind of stuff.

After removing the top layer of tires, Jarrett grabbed the crowbar to pull the stuck ones out. The crowbar made it easier and faster for removal of the stuck tires.

Once all the tires were pulled out of the pile the crew stacked the tires in a proper order on the truck to save as much space as possible. They ended up getting 122 tires in one single load. They were then dropped off at the proper facility to be recycled.

Advance Junk Removal will most certainly handle all your tire removal needs!

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