Tire Removal & Recycling in Atlanta

Tire Removal and Recycle

Tire Removal and Recycle

At Advance Junk Removal, rise to any junk removal challenge — no matter how tough. Word must be getting around, because it might surprise you to hear we’re officially the junk removal guys other junk professionals call. Who could be a bigger junk expert than us? Well, the Advance Junk Removal team was recently called to a private junk yard in Georgia to remove tires. Man, was it a big job!

Our client had collected dozens of Ford muscle cars over decades on a private plot of land out in the country. There were Mustangs, Mavericks and a whole lot more. Some of our guys are big fans of Ford and awesome American cars in general, so it was a treat to see an inventory dating back to the sixties. It wasn’t the cars that we were called to take on, but the tires. That’s right: Hundreds and hundreds of tires.

Getting together our team of diehard motor heads — who also happen to be Atlanta’s top junk removal specialists — we made a plan. Now, we had the advantage of not having to worry about any other items on the property. That said, we had to make sure that we didn’t disturb anything else on the land and that we removed all of the tires in a single day’s work. Yes, this one took a day, covering miles of terrain!

With the help of the owner and some grid paper, we made a plan to figure out where the tires were concentrated on the property. This involved serious tactical planning and maneuvering, but we are dedicated to efficiency at Advance Junk Removal. The faster we can move, the lower our estimates and the more our customers will save on our already unbeatable prices. That was step one; it was time to move out!

Using our entire team and every vehicle available to us, we moved hundreds of tires that day. All of those tires were transferred to the appropriate recycling facilities at a minimal cost to our client. The best part was the cost — because we have every step of junk removal down pat, our estimate was almost half as much as the client had heard from other services. We even had the chance to check out the cars when we were done.

Do you have a big tire removal and recycling job challenge to handle? We can’t wait to tackle it!

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