Advance Junk Removal’s Top 5 Removals

Trampoline Removal

Here at Advance Junk Removal, we remove and haul away different items daily. When we haul away the junk, most of the items get recycled and donated and the rest goes to the landfill. We always make sure every bit of reusable item gets brought to the proper facility after a junk removal job.

Removing a bunch of different items on a daily basis created this list of top 5 removals for the past year:

5. Trampolines

Trampoline Removal
Our crews have done quite a bit of trampoline removals in the past year. These jobs usually take us 15-30 minutes to completely disassemble and haul away the trampoline. If the trampoline is in good condition, we will end up donating it. If it’s not in so good condition, we recycle all of the poles and springs from the trampoline.

4. Playsets and Swing Sets

playset removal
In 2012, one of the most popular calls was to do playset removals. Once our company received the call, our crew gets to the property as soon as possible with the proper tools to handle all types of playset and swing set removals. These type of jobs can take our crews anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours from start to finish. The amount of time it takes depends on how big the playset is and the location of where it is located on the property.

3. Refrigerators

Refrigerator Removal
The awesome thing about these bulky items is that they always get donated or recycled no matter what kind of condition they are in. We do refrigerator removals almost on a daily basis and sometimes remove multiple units a day. People are always getting rid of their refrigerators when they break down or when the customer just wants to simply upgrade to a newer unit. Whatever the reason may be, we are the right guys to do the removal for you.

2. Beds

what to do with an old bed
This one was hard to put in the number 2 spot because it’s almost tied with the most item removed on our list. We remove old beds multiple times daily. When someone needs to get a new mattress, they call us for their mattress removal. The box springs and mattresses get put in a special part of the facility we bring them to for recycling purposes. These items can not be donated simply because the donation centers don’t accept them.

1. Couches

couch removal
Our number one removed item in the past year was couches. We get multiple calls daily for couch removals and we get to keep most of them out of the landfill by donating them. A lot of the time when we do this removal, we remove more than one couch because the customer is getting all new furniture for their living room which results us into removing at least two couches for the same house. We remove sleeper sofas, sectionals, futons and all other types of couches every day which makes this the number one removed item by Advance Junk Removal.

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