Trampoline Removal in Atlanta

Trampoline Removal

Trampoline Removal in Atlanta

Did your kids grow up and get too old for your trampoline that is taking up too much space in your back yard? If so, you need to remove it because if they aren’t getting any use then they are just sitting there collecting dirt and dust. But the question is, how do you get rid of these big bulky things?

Well, the good news is that we can handle this type of job. We are a hauling company with great prices to better serve our customers.

We start out by taking a look at the trampoline to see what tools we need to gather to disassemble it. Then we go to the truck to grab the appropriate tools and get to work. The safety net is the first part to be taken down and then we move on to the bounce net. After the bounce net is on the ground, we remove all the springs and put them in the center so we can easily move the springs. Then we unhook all the poles and move those to the truck. That’s it! We remove it fast and also recycle all the parts.

We have a great reputation for these types of jobs all over the area so contact us today by phone or online so we can get that bulky item out of your backyard. You won’t be disappointed and we will leave you highly satisfied!

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