Tucker is a beautiful city located in Dekalb County. There are over 27,000 people that live there with over 10,000 households.

Advance Junk Removal services all of Tucker, GA. Tucker has been a city that we regularly come to with our services. We have a great reputation in this area due to the fact of our professionalism and affordable prices.

Our company gets many repeat customers from Tucker on a regular basis. This shows how satisfied our customers are in that area. We take pride in being the best company around. Contact us today to speak to someone about getting your items removed!

A Customer’s Story From Tucker

Phillip gave us a call because he needed to clean out some items under his deck. He wanted us to come as soon as we could because he had a big project coming up and didn’t have time for it later on. We arrived at his residence at 10am the following day. When we got there, Phillip took us around back and showed us what he needed gone. There was a few bulky pieces of wood, a rolled up carpet and some other things. We gave him a quote and he went to work. We finished the job in less than 30 minutes. He was super surprised that we did it that quick and he was very happy about the price we gave him. He left us a wonderful review on kudzu explaining how well of a job we did!

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