TV and Television Removal

When your big screen television’s screen goes out, how in the world are you going to remove it? You can’t just pick it up by yourself and put it in the garbage can. That’s what we are here for! Some of these big bulky items can get up to 400 pounds. Advance Junk Removal removes old TVs on a weekly basis and we are familiar with the big ones. Whether it be your old big projector or a smaller TV, we will haul it off.

Hiring our company comes with lower prices and top notch customer service. We arrive with a crew that is ready to get rid of any TV. The crew is prepared with the proper equipment for over sized televisions that are heavy. We always call our customers in advance to let them know when our crew is on the way. There is not a better company than us to choose from because when we say we will be there, we will be!

We also take your items to your local donation center such as Goodwill or any other company that will have use for it. Other times if the item doesn’t work, it can be parted out and the insides can be recycled.

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