TV Disposal in Marietta

TV and Television Removal

Our company receives numerous calls for television disposal multiple times a week. Most people are either upgrading their TVs or their old one went out on them and they need them removed as soon as possible because it takes up too much room. The good news is, if you’re reading this, you probably are in need of a company to dispose your TV.

Our company handles all types and sizes of TVs and we remove them with a lower cost. We will send out a crew of two men who will remove the item from wherever it is located in your house. We don’t require it to be on the driveway or garage. We will come in and do the lifting and haul it off so you can get ready to put your new TV in its place.

Recently a lot of our customers have been getting rid of the huge projector televisions because they end up going out of them and it costs a lot of money to replace the bulb. When we get the broken ones, they actually don’t end up in the landfill. They get taken to the transfer station which is then somewhat recycled so there is still life for it! The ones that do work get donated to the closest donation facility so they can live another life in a new home.

We also sometimes find them a home ourselves and here is an example of what I’m talking about…

Last week we got a medium sized projector TV (around 5 feet tall) in Marietta. Our customer informed us that it only needed a bulb replaced but they wanted to upgrade instead of replacing it themselves. I personally called a buddy of mine who enjoys fixing things and he told me he wanted it for his man cave in his basement. We stopped by which wasn’t too far and dropped it off. He called me the very next day and told me he fixed it within a couple of hours. We were pretty happy that he was able to do that so we know it went to a good place!

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