Warehouse Clean-Out in Alpharetta

“The Beast” a.k.a “The Green Machine”

A real estate agent named Doug saw us doing a job for his neighbor while he was walking his dog. He quickly jotted down our number off our truck and gave us a call a few days later. He told us he had a client that owned a warehouse in Alpharetta and the owner needed everything removed to put the property up for sale.

Our junk crew arrived to the property and took a tour inside the huge warehouse. The warehouse was used as an auto mechanic shop so there was a little bit of everything there. The crew wrote up a plan on what items they would tackle first because this job required multiple trips. The plan went a little something like this:

  • Removing Larger Items: The crew wanted to remove all the larger items first to get them out of the way. There were multiple desks in all different shapes and sizes that were scattered around the warehouse. Once the desks were removed, they went on to the metal shelving. The metal shelves were very tall and built strong but they managed to bend the shelving down to save space in the truck. There was also a few pieces of office furniture that were removed.
  • Removing Boxes and Medium Sized Items: After a huge load of desks and larger items, it was now time for the crew to move on to smaller things. There were a lot of cardboard boxes laying around in various places of the warehouse. The boxes that were full was the first to go in the truck. The empty boxes were later used in the next junk removal process.
  • Cleaning Up Some Areas: Once a few sections of the warehouse were cleared of the junk, the crew used the empty boxes to sweep the small debris into. The smaller debris filled up a few empty boxes since there was a lot to cleanup.

Advance Junk Removal isn’t done yet with this job. It will require 1-2 more days of work in the warehouse. We have beautiful before and after photos that we are going to post coming up in the next few days!

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