What To Do With an Old Bed

what to do with an old bed

what to do with an old bed

Most people certainly don’t use a bed forever. That means, you either put the old one including the mattress and box spring in the garage and let it sit there to collect dust and take up space or you get rid of it but you don’t know how to. Fortunately, we remove any type of bed at your convenience.

Our company hauls away these types of items almost on a daily basis. When a customer calls up, we schedule them on the best open spot available. For instance, yesterday we got a call from a lady that needed to remove a box spring from her guest bedroom. The problem was, she needed to get it done as soon as possible. Well, that was no problem for us since bed removals are pretty quick. We ended up coming out to her residence within 2 hours of her call.

Over the years, mattresses have become a huge problem at the landfill. Many landfills have even banned dumping these bulky things there. Don’t risk the problems of disposing them yourself. Most mattresses can weigh up to 70 pounds and take up to 25 cubic feet of space. Let us get rid of your things by recycling it at the nearest place.

A Small Story About A Job
Our truck team for the day was Cameron and Ben. They were called out to a house in the metro area to get rid of someones furniture that just moved out of their house. The team used the dolly to haul away some of the larger pieces while the other stuff was removed by hand. They filled the truck half way and handed our customer with the invoice. She was very please at the price we gave and also surprised that we didn’t fill the truck all the way!

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