Yard and Brush Debris Removal

yard debris

Advance Junk Removal received a call from a good customer named Tony. He needed yard debris removal right away. He knows we are good at what we do because he has hired us several times before.

Tony told us over the phone that he trimmed some branches off of a few trees and also completely removed eight bushes surrounding his house. He went on to tell us that he had a pile of brush in the back yard and also a pile in front of his house.

When the AJR Crew arrived to the property, Tony came outside and showed us where the piles were located. Crew leader Jarrett and Corey walked with him to check out the piles. Jarrett told Tony that the crew can get it done in less than an hour. Tony was very satisfied with the estimated time to get it done and the crew went ahead and started working.

Corey started working on the pile behind the house while Jarrett began working on the pile located at the curb. Since the truck was parked in front of the house, Corey used a tarp to put as much yard debris in there and haul it to the truck. Jarrett ended up getting done with the front pile in about 20 minutes and went on to help Corey with the other pile.

Advance Junk Removal finished the job in 45 minutes. Tony was very happy we got it done fast so he could head back to work earlier than he thought. He ended up telling his neighbor about us and how well we did and his neighbor hired us the very next day to remove some old furniture.

We take pride at what we do! Next time you need yard and brush debris removal give a call to Advance Junk Removal!

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