Yard Debris Removal in Smyrna

Yard Debris in Smyrna
Yard Debris in Smyrna

Bagged Up Yard Debris

We had a new customer inform us of a little problem. She told us she had a rental property in Smyrna and the tenants vacated the property. Our customer drove to her rental home and saw more than 90 bags of yard debris. She needed it removed as soon as possible so we set her up for the following morning.

When the crew arrived to the property the next morning, they saw bags after bags of yard waste. Most of the bags were filled up with leafs and a few of them had some branches and other sorts of debris. There was also a small pile of junk right beside the mailbox. One of the crew members stayed in the back of the truck while the other guy handed him the bags. The bags were properly stacked in the back of the truck to save as much space as possible. The truck filled up quickly but most of the bags were able to be hauled on the first trip.

After coming back from the vegetation dump, the crew simply put the rest of the bags in and moved on to the small pile of junk. The pile consisted of metal poles and other small metal objects. Those items were later transferred to the recycling facility.

The crew thought they were done with the job but the customer just realized there were about 30 more bagged up yard debris waste in the back of the house. She had no idea about that until a few minutes after we got done with the curbside junk. The team backed the truck up in the driveway and walked around to the back of the house to pick up the rest of the bags.

Although the truck was filled up one and a half times, Advance Junk Removal only charged our customer for one load because our customer told us she was low on money for the week. Here at Advance Junk Removal, we understand the tough times and we like to help out people as much as we can! She was very satisfied with our customer service and she referred us to her friends!

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